Wednesday, May 19, 2021

MAKS-2021 presentations confirmed the interest of Italian companies in participating in the 2021 Salon

The MAKS-2021 presentations for Italian companies clearly show that the air show held in Russia is perceived as a point of entry to a promising market," said Alexander Getman, Advisor to Aviasalon CEO. "There is no doubt that the participation of Italian business in the exhibition will be traditionally extensive and fruitful. "Representatives of a number of companies, immediately after the presentations, requested information to register on the salon's website. The key participant in the first of a series of events was the state agency ICE, which specializes in the international promotion of Italian companies. The agency, which has an extensive network of offices and representative offices in different countries of the world, promotes the implementation of joint projects, provides information and consulting support for international cooperation programs. According to the agency's representative Simona Ferrulli, ICE is interested in participating in MAKS-2021 and has applied to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a proposal to approve the inclusion of the air show in the calendar of events for 2021.The optimism of Russian specialists was also supported by Roberto Ruggiero, head of the B2Bconnect group. Online meetings have been held since mid-November with the participation of the representative office of the State Corporation "Rostec" in Italy and JSC "Aviasalon". The organizer of the events from the Italian side is B2Bconnect. Representatives of the Russian side made a presentation on the upcoming MAKS-2021, spoke about the potential of interaction between Italy and Russia in the aerospace sector and discussed the prospects for cooperation with the participants of the events.

"The already held presentation meetings of MAKS-2021 on the promotion of MAKS in Italy with the participation of representatives of strategic enterprises and organizations have fully achieved the intended goal," he stated, adding that such presentations will continue in the future. They will also be held online. Large companies in the Italian aerospace sector are traditional participants in the International Aviation and Space Salons, however, since 2017, thanks to the proactive position of Aviasalon JSC, there has been a tendency towards an increase in the presence of small and medium-sized businesses. Within the framework of the Italian national pavilion, about 30 companies presented their products and services in 2019.


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